Leading the charge with brilliant solutions.

Powin Energy is a design and integration company that utilizes proprietary energy storage technologies and strong industry partnerships to deliver impactful solutions for power utility grids, microgrids, and behind the meter applications. We supply turnkey solutions that are scalable, deployable, and commercially viable.

Our products help our customers realize their full potential in the rapidly changing electricity economy. By leveraging our extensive product development experience and manufacturing knowledge, we are deploying wholly integrated, high-performance energy storage systems. With our progressive mindset, we are accelerating the growth of renewable energy and creating innovative solutions to meet our customers imany needs.

The advantages of working with us

Your system will live a long and productive life with our proprietary control system software and advanced BMS technologies, which greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of any battery.
When it comes to energy storage and distribution, one size does not fit all. Our technology can be integrated into any energy storage application in order to optimize its performance.
Our established relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers ensures that you get greater
speed to market with proven technologies.
We deliver complete systems that are installed, tested, and ready to work for you. Our solutions are designed to be modular and scalable so that they can be easily integrated into existing power systems.