Powin Energy

Energy Storage System Provider

We make battery energy solutions built for utilities, IPPs and developers, giving you unprecedented power stability, resiliency and capacity.

About Powin
  • Battery Management

    Detailed Cell Level Monitoring
    Unparalleled Cell Level Control
    Active and Passive Balancing
    Warranty Tracking

  • Integrated EMS

    PCS Integration
    Grid Integration
    Stacked Applications

  • Outdoor Enclosures

    20 or 40 ft Modified Containers
    Integrated with HVAC
    Fire Suppression
    DC Collection and Protection

Battery Management, Always On-Duty

Unbalanced batteries within your strings and arrays wreaks havoc on energy storage systems. Regain unprecedented control and visibility of your battery facility with Powin’s precision hardware and safety-driven software.

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60 MWh+ Installed and Operational in the last 18 Months

Our staff of dedicated experts is ready to craft solutions for any size project. Take a moment to tell us about your needs and we’ll be in touch straight away.

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Powin Energy is at the center of a rechargeable movement sweeping through businesses and communities. We’re always looking for passionate, energetic people to help us build a more sustainable and reliable future.

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