Powin Energy Enters Strategic Partnership with Oregon Tech



The company will provide battery testing equipment to Oregon Tech Wilsonville

Campus and provide student internships



TUALATIN, Ore., July 2, 2012 — Powin Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Powin Corporation (OTC QB: PWON), announced today it has entered a strategic partnership with the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT/Oregon Tech) to provide battery testing equipment to Oregon Tech’s Wilsonville Campus, for use by students and faculty of the Renewable Energy Engineering program.  The company will also initiate a student internship program with OIT.

The addition of new equipment will complement capabilities of the Wilsonville lab and create state-of-the-art battery testing facility unique for Oregon. The OIT students will have an opportunity to conduct advanced experiments on batteries while earning senior project credits. The data from tests will be publically disseminated and will help provide needed technical information for companies that design and use battery products.

“We are excited to initiate this collaborative project with OIT’s Renewable Energy Engineering program,” said Virgil Beaston, Chief Technology Officer at Powin Energy.  “The partnership will not only benefit OIT students in the renewable energy field, it will also provide us with valuable information about the performance of our own batteries, systems and technology.”

Beginning this month, the OIT team will conduct a series of tests on  lithium ion batteries provided by  Powin Energy aimed at evaluating the performance characteristics and predicting the cycle life of battery packs used in Powin Energy’s stationary energy storage system.  The testing is expected to produce valuable results that will be published by May 2013. 

Powin Energy has also committed to providing OIT internships under the U.S. Department of Energy Strategic Training and Education in Power Systems (STEPS) program.  These may include a full-time summer position for a Klamath Falls-based Embedded Systems student, or a part-time position for a Portland-based student. The program uses Electric Power Engineering Education Partnership

Program funds to support internships in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, energy storage, and design of related power electronic devices.

“In the years ahead, we also hope to explore research opportunities with OIT that will further the development of renewable energy and energy storage solutions in Oregon,” Beaston added.

For more information about Powin Energy, contact Danny Lu, Sales & Marketing Manager at (503) 598-6659 x154 or dannyl@powin.com.

Details are also available at:   www.powinenergy.com


About Oregon Institute of Technology

Founded in 1947, Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) is one of the seven distinguished institutions belonging to the Oregon University System, and it is the only accredited, public polytechnic university in the Pacific Northwest. Through our educational programs and degrees, our graduates enjoy high success rates. In 2007, 98% of our graduates immediately found jobs within their field with an average starting salary of $48k.

Oregon Institute of Technology offers the first Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering program in North America, and the only one with ABET EAC accreditation. Enrollment in OIT’s program grew from four students to over 200 in five years, attracting students from more than 25 states and other countries. The rigorous engineering program integrates electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering core coursework with comprehensive curriculum in renewable energy generation, electrical energy storage, electric power, electromechanical energy conversion, and power systems integration.

Oregon Institute of Technology is consolidating its four Portland area sites into one state-of-the-art campus in Wilsonville, Oregon on the south end of the Portland metro area. The new campus is located at 27500 SW Parkway, Wilsonville, OR and will officially open for classes on September 24, 2012 for the Fall Term. http://www.oit.edu/wilsonville/explore/about-oit-portland


About Powin Energy

Powin Energy (www.powinenergy.com) manufactures and distributes renewable energy and energy efficient lighting products, as well as complete energy storage solutions. Our renewable energy products include, wind and related products, solar energy products, and a full line of rechargeable batteries. Our energy efficient lighting products include LED, T8 fluorescent and T5HO fluorescent.

Powin Energy is backed by the resources and expertise of the Powin Corporation (OTCQB: PWON) a 20-year-old global company recognized around the world as a leader in contract manufacturing and OEM Parts. With eight production facilities on three continents, Powin Corporation gives us the resources to meet customer needs with respect to quality, price and on-time delivery. For more information please visit www.powin.com.

Powin Corporation (“PWON”) trades on OTCQB, the OTC market tier for companies that report to the SEC or a U.S. banking or insurance regulator.  Investors can find Real-Time quotes and market information for the company at http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/PWON/quote.



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