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With a visionary investment from leading green-tech capital fund SFCE, Powin Energy set out to create dynamic energy storage solutions.  

Our proprietary Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) advances Powin Energy’s mission and battles global energy inefficiencies head-on.

Every BESS is layered with performance and safety in mind.

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The BESS is already at work for our visionary partners.

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A Formula for Success


For over two decades Powin Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for the globalized world.


The Bonneville Power Administration turned to Powin Energy, with its deep rooted business experience in the Pacific Northwest and abroad, to showcase our energy storage and battery management solutions applied at multiple points on their grid.


The results of the two year study are clear: optimized battery storage reduces inefficiencies, increases interconnectability, and maximizes grid flexibility.

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Built on Experience


Joseph Lu


Joseph Lu is the Chief Executive Officer of Powin Energy. Lu has over 30 years of management and international business experience, including serving as president of multiple successful companies in Taiwan. He has proven expertise in international trade, marketing, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Lu founded Powin Corporation (Powin Energy’s parent company) in 1989 and still serves as its Chairman of the Board. He received dual degrees from the University of Taipei in Chinese Culture and Chemistry.

Geoffrey Brown


Geoffrey Brown is the President of Powin Energy. He is an engineer and businessman with over 10 years of cleantech experience with companies like NRG Renew, Beacon Power, Element Power, and Garrad Hassan America. Brown led renewable and energy storage sales efforts to utility and industrial customers across North America and played a key role in the development of more than 10 gigawatts of utility scale wind projects. Brown holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological and Environmental Engineering degree from Cornell University and a Master of Science degree from Loughborough University’s Center for Renewable Energy System Technologies (CREST).

Mike Wietecki

General Counsel

Mike serves as the General Counsel and Secretary of Powin Energy. In that role he oversees the legal needs of the organization and assists in developing strategy, managing various business issues and generally supporting the fast evolving needs of this dynamic organization.

Mike has a diverse background covering securities, litigation and risk management, M&A, sustainability, regulatory compliance and operations. Work history includes advising both public and private businesses, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar multinationals, and covers an array of complex legal and business issues including contract negotiation, domestic and international regulation, liability, litigation, environmental, land use, and tax and entity structuring. Track record includes advising multiple stakeholders such as boards, CEOs, and CFOs during dynamic business changes.

Mike has a J.D. from the University of St. Thomas, a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Economics and Sustainability from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas.

In his spare time Mike teaches downhill skiing and with his wife Jenny, chases their two sons, down mountains, across bike trails, over beaches, and through forests on their many family adventures.

Jan Jacobson

VP of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development, Jan leads the expansion of Powin Energy’s commercial enterprise. His expertise leadership includes: strategy, institutional sales, new market development, product management, and policy.

Jan has extensive experience across each of the critical scales and technologies in renewable and distributed energy resources. Prior to joining Powin Energy, Jan led project deployment and technical business development for behind-the-meter energy storage leader Stem, where he oversaw the majority of that company’s current installed capacity. Before his time at Stem, he led project development for fuel cell startup Bloom Energy in both the Western U.S. and Asia. Jan’s distributed energy expertise was built on a strong foundation of utility scale project development in his previous stints at Pacific Gas & Electric and Acciona, where large wind projects he led are still generating energy today.

Jan earned both a Bachelor of Science in Biological Systems Engineering and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Danny Lu

Senior Vice President

Danny Lu is Powin Energy’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and has over six years of successful marketing, financial structuring, pricing, and negotiation experience in the energy storage industry. Lu was previously the Vice President of Global Procurement for Powin Corporation and he led the establishment of lucrative business partnerships in the United States, China, and Mexico. In September of 2013, Lu was appointed to Powin Corporation’s board of directors. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies (focusing on China).

Virgil Beaston


Virgil Beaston is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Powin Energy and has been with the company since 2011. Beaston has over 10 years of experience in the battery and energy storage industry and is often asked to speak publicly as a subject matter expert. He views business and the rapidly growing storage sector from a unique perspective as he previously was a patent attorney at an intellectual property firm and then was the co-founder and CTO of Greensmith Energy Management Solutions. Beaston is an inventor, lawyer, and engineer with impressive academic credentials: Doctorate of Law, Masters in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Stu Statman

Head of Product and Engineering

Blake Frye

VP of Sales and Marketing

Mitch Boeh

Northeast Sales Manager

Louis Li

VP, Installation, Commissioning and Operations

Michael Potter

Director Corporate Finance

Jennifer Young

Director of Human Resources

LeeAnn Zhao


Deborah Li

Director of Operations

Jeanne Liu

Director of Logistics

Esther Ahronheim

Sr. Director Programs and Product

Blake Rector

Director of Analytics

Paul Kirschner

Electrical Engineer

Dylan Thomas-Vance

Director of QA

Allie Huang

Operation assistant

Jim Shen

System Operator

Pat Emmons

QA HW Testing Engineer and Lab Manager

Colleen Anderson

QA Black Box Test Engineer

Jason Coigny

Electrical Engineer

Raymond Zhang

Software Engineer


Mary Ma

China Operations

Brandy Zhu

Project Manager of Hardware Engineering

Adam Liu

Director of Hardware Engineering

James Wang

Electronic Engineer

Wei Zhao

Senior Electronic Engineer

Morgan Chen

Senior Electrical Engineer

Hunk Hu

Electrical Engineer

Joey Chu

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Jim Song

Software Engineer

Jacky Sun

Firmware Engineer

Jason Xu

Firmware Engineer

Allen Zhang

Firmware Engineer

Gabriel Qi

QC Engineer

Ripple Yin

Shipping and Logistics, HR, and Accounting


Wawrinka Xu

Software Engineer

Board Members

Joseph Lu

Board of Directors

Formed Powin Corporation in 1990 and has served as its President since inception. Effective March 12, 2012, Joseph Lu was appointed as interim Chief Financial Officer until such time as the Company hires a permanent Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Lu also resigned as President of the Company but will continue as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding Powin, Mr Lu served as the General Manager of the Shunfeng Ind. Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. From 1980 to 1986, Mr. Lu was employed as an Environmental Engineer for the Sinotech Engineering Consultant Co. in Taiwan. From 1979 to 1980, Mr. Lu was a quality control inspector for the Shunfeng. Ind. Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. Additionally, from 1988 to 1996, Mr. Lu was the President of the Euro Belt Factory Ltd. in Taiwan. From 1995 to 2006, Mr. Lu was the President of the Qingdao Triple Master Fitness Co., a company that manufactured fitness equipment. In 2000, Mr. Lu began serving as president of the Qingdao Wei Long Co. Ltd., a company that manufactured outdoor camping cookware. Mr. Lu received a degree in Chinese Culture from the University of Taipei in Taiwan. He also received a B.A. degree in Chemical Science.

Jim Osterman

Board of Directors

Was appointed to the Board of Directors on November 6, 2013. Mr. Osterman is currently the President of JSO Ventures, LLC, Oregon City. Oregon which is a real estate investment and management consulting firm. Previously, Mr. Osterman was Chairman and CEO of Blount International, Inc. from 2002 to 2010. He was President of the Outdoor Power Group of Blount from 1986 to 2002; Senior Vice President of Marketing, Manufacturing and Engineering from 1979 to 1986; and Director of European Operations from 1968 to 1979. Mr. Osterman lived in Europe for twelve years in that position. Mr. Osterman joined the Board of Directors of Cascade Corporation in 1994 and served as Chairman of the Board from 2002 to 2013. Mr Osterman attended Western Oregon University and the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development. Mr. Osterman has fifty years of worldwide international business experience beginning with Omark Industries, Inc. in 1959. Mr. Osterman serves as the Company's compensation committee.

Geoffrey L. Brown

Board of Directors

Was elected to the Board of Directors in August 2016 and was appointed President in July 2016. He has over ten years of commercial and technical experience in the wind, solar and energy storage industry. He has been involved in renewable and energy storage sales efforts to utility and industrial customers across North America. From 2015 to January 2016, he was the Director of Business Development of Microgrid development for NRG Renew, Inc. From 2013 to 2014, he served as the Director of Business Development for energy storage system sales for Beacon Power, LLC. Mr. Brown was Director of Renewable Energy Business Development for Element Power US,LLC in Portland, OR from 2009 to 2013. Mr. Brown holds a BS in Biological and Environment Engineering from Cornell University School of Engineering.

Xilong Zhu

Board of Directors

Also known as Logan Zhu, was elected to the Board of Directors in August 2016. He is the founder of MD Barnmaster Factory and serves as President of Triple Master Group Corporation in Qingdao, China since July 1994. Mr. Zhu joined Shandong machinery and Equipment Import and Export Group Corporation in 1988 and served as Manager of the Import and Export Department from 1990 to 1994. Mr. Zhu holds an MBA from Tsinghua University and BS in Science from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University.

With an experienced staff of design, logistics, engineering, and manufacturing experts, Powin has delivered high-quality products for its clients for over twenty years.

Turning its focus to energy solutions, Powin Energy is leveraging their deep industrial knowledge to address the world’s growing need to provide more efficient and intelligent energy sources.