BESS – A Battery Energy Storage System.
Our flagship energy storage container, providing power when you need it most.

What it is.

A Containerized Battery Energy Storage System.

Powin Energy’s BESS is a complete modular energy storage system that integrates battery storage, battery management, power conversion, and energy management into a packaged solution. Its comprehensive design allows BESS to have the versatility to form various megawatt systems. Operating on Powin’s energy management system (EMS), BESS is an automated solution that is capable of performing a variety of customer specified energy storage applications, which can be remotely monitored and operated from any region of the world using its web-based interface.

BESS is designed to meet the demand for advanced energy storage that can optimize operations and relieve the need for infrastructure upgrades.

What it does.

Powin Energy’s grid-scale storage solutions provide a critical link in making clean energy resources, like wind and solar, economically viable by providing technologies that make these projects operate more efficiently. Our BESS unit helps to smooth-out periods of high and low energy production that characterize alternative energy sources. At Powin Energy, we provide customized solutions to meet the demand for advanced energy storage technologies that are scalable, commercially viable and emission free.

“Lower costs, improved technology, and the advent of transparent energy markets have spurred an energy storage renaissance.”

- Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University

BESS on the road

BESS is configurable to match your power and energy needs. We tailor the final solution through comprehensive analysis and full understanding of the unique energy problems that each of our customers face.

We deploy energy storage in various power and battery capacity configurations, scalable to multi-megawatt systems that can supply partial to several hours of charge and discharge. As your power and energy demand grows, BESS can be scaled to keep pace, allowing for continual expansion that adapts to need rather than forced large upfront commitments.

Applicable to any situation, BESS is a versatile energy storage solution. Whether your need is voltage regulation, peak demand reduction, enhancing the quality of renewable energy supply or balancing generation and demand, there is now BESS system that maximizes the returns for any power and infrastructure investment.

Flexible to need, BESS is capable of automatically dispatching multiple use cases at various times per day. BESS prioritizes which use case will generate the most economic benefit to ensure optimum results for our customers. BESS extends the accessibility of quality electricity to the most remote regions of the world and can even add value to the most developed of energy networks.

Want to know more about BESS?

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