Battery Energy Storage System
Our flagship energy storage container, providing power when you need it most.

What it is.

A Containerized Battery Energy Storage System.
Powin Energy’s containerized battery energy storage system (BESS) is a modular, grid-scale storage system using advanced lithium ion battery technology. Each unit has a total useful storage capacity from 250 to 500kWh with power converters capable of both charging and discharging the storage battery at a rate of 60 to 240kW using commands sent over a web-based user interface. The BESS can be deployed in multiple configures to provide upwards to 10 MW of power for 1 to 8 hours.

What it does.

Powin Energy’s grid-scale storage solutions provide a critical link in making clean energy resources, like wind and solar, economically viable by providing technologies that make these projects operate more efficiently. Our BESS unit helps to smooth-out periods of high and low energy production that characterize alternative energy sources. At Powin Energy, we provide customized solutions to meet the demand for advanced energy storage technologies that are scalable, commercially viable and emission free.

“Lower costs, improved technology, and the advent of transparent energy markets have spurred an energy storage renaissance.”

- Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University

BESS on the road

The container that houses the storage system is a standard 20-foot shipping container. The BESS can be transported to an installation site using a truck and a standard tandem axle trailer. It can be installed at a site on either a concrete pad or concrete corner blocks and connected to a power grid at a single point through an electrical disconnect installed on one side of the container. The electrical disconnect provides a 200A, 480V, 3Phase power connection for the containerized battery energy storage system. A transformer inside the container provides power for the temperature control system, lighting, and a UPS that powers the battery management and system computers.
The battery energy storage system uses two to eight bi-directional 30kW 480V power converters. These power converters provide both battery charging (AC to DC) and battery inverting (DC to AC) for grid storage applications.
The containerized BESS uses lithium ion batteries arranged into four independent battery banks. These batteries require no maintenance and they have an expected cycle life of more than 10 years. Each battery bank has its own battery management system which monitors the voltage and temperature of every battery cell. These battery management systems provide automatic protection for the batteries such as: over- and under-voltage protection, and over- and under-temperature protection.
The BESS includes a server that acts as the system controller. This allows the system to be operated from any computer connected to the Internet using a web-based browser. Operation of the unit simply involves using a series of drop-down menus on a graphical user interface to select when and at what rate the battery energy storage system should be charged and discharged, for example, based on time-of-use energy pricing. A more sophisticated control program can be provided to automatically dispatch the containerized battery storage system using a variety of inputs if desired.

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