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Demand Charge Reduction

  • Grid
  • Batteries

Shifting the demand for energy across your facility means spending less on energy costs during peak production. Build consistency and reliability into your infrastructure, regardless of the demand from your facility.

commercial & industrial

  • 01 Emergency Management

    Protect against outages and power failures with a reliable source of backup power. The Powin BESS is set to spring into action during any condition and can operate completely independent from the grid.

  • 02 Seamless Solar Integration

    As your facility looks to add more power options into its energy mix, incorporating renewable energy sources is a seamless experience with a Powin BESS. Combining renewable energy with a battery storage system will only serve to layer on new levels of energy independence.

  • 03 Large-Format Scaling

    Unlike many energy storage providers, the Powin BESS has near limitless scalability, offering facilities the ability to stretch once meager savings into meaningful bottom-line impact. With options from 250 kWh to 1 MWh and beyond, the modular framework of BESS easily fits any size demand.

  • 04 Flexible Financing

    Powin’s custom-tailored financing offers all facilities an opportunity to utilize energy storage, without the burden of significant upfront capital expenditure. We back our products with cost-effective and affordable financing options for projects of all sizes.

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