Upgrade to Unprecedented Stability

Wind Integration

  • Smoothed Integration
  • Actual Generation

Modern grids deserve modern support systems. Using a Powin BESS ensures efficient output while safeguarding against complex regulatory requirements and unpredictable demand needs.


  • 01 Resource Adequacy

    Fulfill minimum energy requirements across the entire grid more efficiently and cleanly than diesel generators. Using multiple battery energy storage systems in targeted hotspots or alongside generation facilities, the BESS caters to needs across the entirety of the grid.

  • 02 Grid Regulation

    The BESS reacts in real-time in tandem with inverters and energy management systems to provide robust frequency and voltage regulation. Ensure grid health with the quick response of a Powin BESS.

  • 03 Targeted Demand Response

    Address hotspots in specific regions of the grid by deploying a Powin BESS in areas with seasonal high rates of demand. React quickly to unforeseen weather events and prevent rolling blackouts before they start.

  • 04 Off-Grid Applications

    The Powin BESS brings reliability to customers in even the most remote areas. Provide always-on functionality and resource adequacy for communities with no classical grid to connect to, using renewables or existing generation in concert with battery storage.

  • 05 T&D Deferral

    Defer costly infrastructure overhauls to transmission and distribution equipment by implementing scalable energy storage. As peak demand climbs, BESS extends the value of existing equipment by offsetting demand with on-demand energy.

  • 06 Renewables Integration

    Easily incorporate existing or newly installed infrastructure directly with a Powin BESS. As production ebbs and flows across peak generation periods, the Powin BESS automatically smoothes out the intermittent surges in energy. Each system is built to work seamlessly with renewable generation methods, adding value to your facility's investment.

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