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Solar & Wind Integration

  • Wind Generation
  • System Demand
  • Solar Generation

Renewable energy generation can be an inconsistent business. From managing ramp rate control to mismatches in peak production and demand, wind and solar facilities can leverage the flexibility and control the Powin BESS provides.


  • 01 Solar

    Solar arrays without the support of energy storage leaves your facility vulnerable to inconsistent production. Peak production rarely coincides with peak demand, but with a Powin BESS peak production can be stored and discharged during higher demand hours. On top of managing peak production, inconsistent generation is smoothed out by the BESS to provide additional stability throughout the day.

  • 02 Wind

    Don’t leave your facility exposed to overgeneration issues as wind turbines come online. Using a Powin BESS, ramp rate is smooth and controlled, ensuring that contractual requirements are met each day. Moreover, the BESS ensures that no power is lost to curtailment or left unserved to the grid during generation lows.

  • 03 For Microgrids

    The Powin BESS gives microgrids unprecedented control over their consumption. Not only does the system provide consistency and energy resiliency, it also grants the provider the peace of mind that there will be power during emergencies and critical genset ramping events.

  • 04 For Power Producers

    Maximizing the amount of energy passing between a facility and the grid should never be dependent on the weather. Leverage your energy 100% of the time with a Powin BESS supporting your facility.

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