Energy Storage For Grids And Microgrids

Solutions For

Commercial & Industrial

  • 01 Emergency Management
  • 02 Seamless Solar Integration
  • 03 Large-Format Scaling
  • 04 Flexible Financing
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  • 01 Resource Adequacy
  • 02 Grid Regulation
  • 03 Targeted Demand Response
  • 04 Off-Grid Applications
  • 05 T&D Deferral
  • 06 Renewables Integration
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  • 01 Solar
  • 02 Wind
  • 03 For Microgrids
  • 04 For Power Producers
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SCE Aliso Canyon Project

  • System Size: 2MW / 9MWh
  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Host Utility: Southern California Edison
  • System Operator: CAISO
  • Use Case: Resource Adequacy (RA), Frequency Regulation, Day Ahead and Real Time Arbitrage
  • Summary

In 2016 Southern California Gas Company employees discovered a massive natural gas leak at the company’s Aliso Canyon storage facility in the Santa Susana Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. The biggest gas leak in US history eliminated the fuel supply for gas-powered generating plants, creating severe constraints on the electric grid and threatening Southern California with major power outages. Replacing this enormous energy supply was critical and Southern California Edison (SCE) issued an RFP to vendors for 100 MW of storage – with an unprecedented six-month timeline from issue to commercial operation. Powin was one of five storage vendors selected for the project.

Stratford Project

  • System Size: 8.8 MW / 40.8 MWh
  • Location: Stratford, Ontario Canada
  • Host Utility: Festival Hydro
  • System Operator: IESO
  • Use Case: Reactive Services Voltage Control (RSVC), Global Adjustment (GA)
  • Summary

The IESO selected Powin Energy to deploy its advanced battery storage technology in a purpose-built facility in Stratford that is the largest battery storage installation in Canada and one of the largest in the world.   Constructed between June and October 2017, the facility provides up to 8.8 MW/ 40.8 MWh of battery backup power to the grid. The installation uses Powin’s Stack140 battery array, a modular and flexible system that provides 140 kW in each battery stack and connects them together under common control using Powin’s exclusive bp-OS battery management software.

Kitchener Project

  • System Size: 2 MW / 6 MWh
  • Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • Host Utility: Kitchener Wilmot Hydro
  • System Operator: IESO
  • Use Case: Reactive Services Voltage Control (RSVC)
  • Customer: Hecate Energy

Mexico Project

  • System Size: 12 MW / 12 MWh
  • Location: Monterrey, Mexico
  • Customer: Pemcorp
  • Host: Large Automotive Factory
  • Use Case: Microgrid, Frequency Response, Spinning Reserve
  • Summary

Powin Energy installed a 12MW / 12MWh energy storage system to support the primary gas generation facility. The microgrid, which can generate up to 126 megawatts of capacity, provides the plant with its own self-contained power source, that allows the factory to exist “off the grid.” The microgrid provides frequency, voltage regulation, and fast spinning reserve to keep the system up and running when there is a generator failure or load spike. In performance tests, the Powin system responded to the failure of an engine in less than one-tenth of a second (100 milliseconds) and stabilized the frequency in less than half a second (500 milliseconds).

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